Across the Aerospace & Defense industry, rising customer expectations (lower costs, higher standards and increase capabilities) along with growing program complexity make it more challenging to compete.

As systems become more complex to design, build and deliver, OEMs and suppliers need to accelerate innovation, drive efficiencies and move to the factory of the future to allow for greater agility on production rate. This requires a new way to conceptualize, design, manufacture, test, certify and sustain new air and space vehicles.

Addressing the business challenges of the Aerospace & Defense Industry

Prospects for Aerospace & Defense companies appear bright with the continued growth of commercial aviation and the upturn of defense spending. Leaders must transform to navigate the landscape as new players use technology and non-traditional approaches to disrupt the mature aerospace industry.

Rebuild Passenger Confidence

Ensure a trusted journey to the skies

Manage Complex Systems

Accelerate program maturity from concept to manufacturing while driving 40-60% of cost out

Ramp up Production

Optimize production to reduce backlog

Manage Supply Chain

Drive integration to improve visibility, on-time delivery and first-time quality

Grow Aftermarket Revenues

Generate more revenues while lowering costs and risks

Deliver on Sustainability

Accelerate the development of a sustainable portfolio of aerospace systems & services




Airframe OEMs

Deliver on time, on target and on cost to meet growing aircraft demand

The Airframe OEMs industry segment encompasses:

  • Planes & Helicopters OEMs
  • “Flying Cars”


  • Managing Increased Demand and Significant Production Backlog
  • Driving Innovation in Product Development and Manufacturing
  • Improving Manufacturing Agility With Digital Continuity
  • Disruption From Regional Players and New Aircraft Startups


Aerospace Industry Suppliers

Shifting demands requires new supplier strategies to deliver on time, on target and on cost.

The Aerospace Industry Suppliers industry segment encompasses:

  • Suppliers for structure (Tier 1 suppliers)
  • Tier 2 suppliers
  • Systems provider to Planes OEMs
  • Services / MRO


  • Shifting Risk and Accountability to the Supply Chain
  • Design and Deliver More Complex Parts at Lower Costs
  • Increased Aerospace & Defense Demand and Agility in Rate
  • Greater Air Travel Demand, Globalization and New Markets



Accelerate engine programs to meet record demand while cutting costs

The Propulsion industry segment encompasses:

  • Engine manufacturer


  • Power by the Hour for Propulsion
  • Cleaner Skies With Advanced Propulsion
  • Ramping up Engine Production Rates



Accelerate innovation while delivering on time, on cost and on schedule

The Defense industry segment encompasses:

  • Suppliers of defense equipment
  • Suppliers of defense systems
  • Defense Administration
    – Ministry of defense
    – Army departments
    – Army labs


  • Growing Global Defense Investment
  • Integrating Cutting-Edge Technologies
  • Driving Down Costs and Ensuring Greater Accountability



Meet infrastructure requirements and delight air travellers

The Airlines industry segment encompasses:

  • Airlines
  • Airports
  • MROs (Management Repair Overhaul)
  • Cargo
  • Ground Operations
  • ATM (Air Traffic Management)


  • Manage growing traffic
  • Optimize infrastructure and maintenance
  • Improve airport shopping experience
  • Maximize revenue



Accelerate space companies’ ability to design a system right the first time with the required quality, reliability and safety

The Space industry segment encompasses:

  • OEMS
    – Satellites
    – Launchers / – Vehicles
  • Regulators
  • Research labs
  • Operators


  • Growing Commercial Interest and Investment in Space
  • Growing Public Interest in Space Travel
  • New Innovations Are Dropping Barriers to Entry


Industry Solution Experiences


Build to Operate

For Aerospace & Defense companies that want to improve production rates, quality, cost and delivery time, Build to Operate is a proven and scalable business process based Manufacturing Operation Management solution.  Unlike production systems typically implemented in “silos”, Build to Operate enables OEMs and Tier 1&2 Suppliers to optimize their production lines with new materials, additive manufacturing, robotics, automation and IOT to materialize the benefits of the Future Factory.

Business Challenges

  • Produce @Rate – How to virtually plan and proof the flexibility in production rate?
  • Supply Chain Synchronization – How to transform the Supply Chain to deliver on time, on quality and less cost?
  • Future Factory – How to accelerate Production Innovation of existing and new factories?
  • Quality– How to plan and validate production for First Time Quality without defects?


Cleared to Operate

“Test & certify on time, at lower cost”

Cleared to Operate Industry Solution Experience will help Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Suppliers to:

  • Certify on Time
  • Test & Certify at Lower Cost
  • De-Risk Innovative Concepts
  • Build Confidence

In a context where major players in the industry are seeing new competitors coming from emerging countries, where the race for air mobility sees the emergence of more and more new startups, and where the complexity of aircraft is growing in line with new technologies and airlines demanding for more customization flexibility, cost reduction and time-to-market issues are becoming increasingly critical to business survival.

The steps of validation, verification, justification and certification are therefore crucial. Indeed, they have an impact of nearly a quarter of the non-recurring costs of developing a new aircraft program in terms of time and resources allocated. The development of an airplane program is a very iterative process especially in the convergence phase of the design. Going back and forth between specifications, design and simulation is frequent. So, the ability to optimize design using a best-in-class MultiPhysics, MultiScale, MultiDisciplines Design & Simulation portfolio on a collaborative platform breaking down the organizational silos is key to success.

With Cleared To Operate, you can import regulation and manage the certification projects, the program specific requirements basis & plan, and the documentary basis. The ability to navigate on the links makes complete traceability possible and puts the aircraft back at the heart of the certification project. A modification of design does not become a nightmare for the certification organization.

Cleared To Operate transforms how you execute aircraft test and certification projects to:
–  Test better, earlier, wider, right at the first time and Reduce cost to validate & verify,
–  Achieve certification on time avoiding bad surprises and late discoveries,
–  Build confidence with authorities to get privileges and reduce the number of audits. 


Co-Design to Target

Deliver aerospace programs on-time, on-target and to specification

Co-Design to Target allows Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to integrate disparate tools, organizations and processes into a single stream to optimize form, fit and function in an integrated System Digital Mock-up (DMU). This System DMU can avoid many of the integration issues that significantly impact the cost and schedule of a program.

Digital continuity provided by the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform makes it possible to drive program convergence with a real-time view to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) across all departments, sites and suppliers, making it possible to proactively keep programs on track.


Engineered to Fly

Accelerate Aerospace & Defense supplier efforts from bid to delivery while improving margins

Engineered to Fly allows small and medium suppliers to grow their business profitably from bid to delivery. By connecting the dots, the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform reduces complexity to develop new bids, collaborate during product development and facilitate manufacturing ramp-up.

With Engineered to Fly, suppliers can achieve higher margins with the ability to reduce design time; increase quality as issues are identified early, reduce the number of duplicate parts and optimize for manufacturing

This release of Engineered to Fly provides major improvements through a much wider scope of Industry Process Experiences to stick with the manufacturing state of the art. Industry Process Experience based story telling rather than a role based story telling in previous release.


Keep Them Operating

20% Less Inventory and Increased Fleet Availability

Keep Them Operating gathers, aligns and enriches digital data continuity —whether internal or external, structured or unstructured, simple or complex—to deliver that information the way users want to receive it

Keep Them Operating, an Industry Solution Experience on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, supports improvements in the support & service engineering, spare part and MRO businesses. Existing solutions are typically disconnected, unsynchronized, and structured in “silos” which requires service engineering and maintenance personnel to spend time searching for data and second-guessing whether it’s accurate.

Keep Them Operating gathers, aligns and enriches digital data continuity —whether internal or external, structured or unstructured, simple or complex—to deliver that information the way users want to receive it.

The Keep them Operating solution offers a potential competitive advantage by improving business processes, optimizing parts availability and anticipating potential issues.

Keep Them Operating also integrates value streams so teams work together in real-time.

Using big data, business analytics and digital data continuity to optimize design and service engineering from the beginning of a program and to gain real-time visibility to potential MRO issues that may be solved with enhanced collaboration among all the players across the globe resulting in companies keeping aircraft in the air instead of waiting on the ground for repairs.


Passenger Experience

Stand-out from the competition with customized, cost-efficient and certified cabin experiences.

Enjoying record demand estimated at over 43,000 new aircraft for the next 20 years, commercial and business aviation manufactures and airlines must still navigate increased competition, rising costs and increasing regulatory and engineering certification requirements to be successful.

Manufacturers pursuing an advantage, seek to transform every aspect of design, production and delivery while driving efficiencies and customization to remain competitive.

Aerospace manufacturers are also improving the inflight cabin experience through embracing open innovation, co-creation or mass-customization to deliver personalized services and products.

Passenger Experience provides a platform combining emotion and automation across engineering, manufacturing and certification processes to allow completion centers to deliver personalized cabin interiors profitably. By extending digital continuity to sales and marketing, aerospace companies can define engaging new experiences and simply create realistic visual assets to drive new sales.


Program Excellence

Develop winning strategy and high program performance.

Program Excellence enables Aerospace & Defense companies to optimize their product strategy and reach high level of efficiency in program execution. The solution allows company to develop product line engineering strategy, to harmonize change and configuration process across disciplines, and to enable multi-level governance and analytics.

  • Program Excellence is a Solution Experience that enables company to optimize their product strategy and reach high level of efficiency in program execution.
  • This Solution Experience allows company to implement their digital transformation around governance, configuration, collaboration and analytics.


Ready for Rate

Optimize manufacturing planning to accelerate ramp-up and optimize production agility.

Business Challenges

Efficiency Increase – How to accelerate manufacturing planning, validation and optimization to reduce lead time?

Rate Increase – How to virtually plan and proof the flexibility in production rate?

Supply Chain Synchronization – How to transform the Supply Chain to deliver on time, on quality and less cost?

Future Factory – How to accelerate Production Innovation of existing and new factories?

Quality – How to plan and validate production for First Time Quality without defects?


Winning Concept

Win more business by transforming concept design process into a competitive advantage

Since 70 percent of cost decisions made during a program’s concept or preliminary design phase impacts 80 percent of total lifecycle cost, companies that make the right choices in this early phase will have the most success.

Winning Concept allows aerospace and defense companies to define new offers or win new business by exploring 1000x more concepts virtually, optimize designs for cost, performance and manufacturability and ensure it can be delivered on-time and on-budget.

Companies can conduct comprehensive analysis of required systems engineering choices and conduct associated trade studies to fine tune the accuracy and fidelity of each proposal or offer. Now aerospace & defense companies can spend more time on product innovation instead of proposal management.

Benefits of Winning Concept:

  • Efficient and effective bid development
  • Prove you can deliver
  • Optimized to win
  • Shorten ramp up cycle