The High-Tech industry addresses what sits at the beginning of the IT value chain, semiconductor and electronics technologies. They affect everything that follows, from electronic equipment to consumer products. All of these items have their foundation in electronics technology.


Simplify and accelerate innovation to create richer consumer experiences.

From Consumer Electronics to Control and Telecommunications Systems: High-Tech goods are no longer simply products that customers “own” but fundamental catalysts of change in how we live. Connectivity and intelligence are turning them into personal and professional experiences.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is enabling what can be called the “Internet of Experiences”, where a new class of cross-industry usages and business models go beyond physical products to include software, big data intelligence, networks and content ecosystems.


Delivering Innovation in the Emerging Internet of Experiences

Delivering Innovation in the Emerging Internet of Experiences

The Consumer Electronics industry segment encompasses home entertainment products, white goods, personal computers & peripherals, photography equipment, office machines, personal communications products, photography equipment wholesalers, and PC hardware & software.

Challenges include designing User Experience, leveraging “Experience Thinking”, fostering software driven innovation, mastering product & process complexity, ensuring product performance & compliance and optimizing production for volatile demand.

Capitalizing on the digital transformation

Capitalizing on the digital transformation

The Computing, Software & Communications industry segment encompasses media broadcast systems, telecom equipment manufacturers, computer networking, telcos R&D Centers, software vendors (not dedicated to a single industry) and datacenters.

Challenges include digital transformation, new competitors & new opportunities, hearing the “Voice of the Customer” throughout development, serving diverse customers with modular, configurable offerings, flexible manufacturing to address volatile demand, and leveraging PLM Analytics to increase performance.

Delivering Innovation in the Emerging Internet of Experiences

Delivering Innovation in the Emerging Internet of Experiences

The Security, Control & Instrumentation industry segment encompasses electrical equipment, control instrumentation, and systems integrators (including security systems).

Challenges include IoT digitization of the economy, meeting new demands, and winning by delivering integrated solutions.

Delivering Innovation in the Emerging Internet of Experiences

Delivering Innovation in the Emerging Internet of Experiences

The Contract Manufacturing Services industry segment encompasses original design manufacturers and electronics manufacturing services.

Challenges include volatile demand, mastering increased product complexity & margin pressures, rapidly adapting technology innovation, and adapting to GEO-specific manufacturing transformation.

Meeting the “Smaller, Better, Faster” challenge

Meeting the “Smaller, Better, Faster” challenge

The Technology Suppliers industry segment encompasses battery manufacturers, lighting, storage devices, components & accessories, embedded software, specialized electronics, and wholesalers of electrical equipment.

Challenges include creating profitable business, hearing the “Voice of the Customer” during development, leveraging “Invisible Governance” for agility, finding PLM to fit midsized manufacturers, reducing customization costs, sustaining growth by mastering complex system development, and optimizing product performance with realistic virtual testing.

Riding the IoT-wave to bring new opportunities through new markets, customers & applications

Riding the IoT-wave to bring new opportunities through new markets, customers & applications

The Semiconductors industry segment encompasses integrated systems, fabless, foundries, IP and Design Devices, and micro-electrical mechanical systems.

Challenges include synchronizing IC Design for fast closure, gaining agility with “Invisible Governance” for project management, hearing “Voice of the Customer” during development, leveraging Enterprise-Level IP reuse & management, lowering innovation risks with unified issue & defect management, leveraging PLM Analytics to drive performance, achieving higher efficiency & zero re-spins in developing IOT-ready systems-on-chip.



Be the first to market!

Accelerated Device connects electronics, mechanical and software teams, streamlining the new product introduction process for innovative smart devices.

The Accelerated Device Industry Solution Experience powered by Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE® platform is specifically tailored for mid-market High-Tech innovators. It provides critical capabilities for electronics, mechanical, software design and engineering teams to connect, interact and iterate altogether in a highly efficient way, all along the product development lifecycle.

It streamlines the New Product Introduction process for innovative electronic devices, and helps bringing more products to the market with the same resources. It improves multidiscipline collaboration within the whole product development ecosystem, and assures faster delivery than competitors.

Sustainable innovation is a key challenge for High-Tech companies. Product, project, design, engineering, simulation, manufacturing preparation, change, all need to be tracked from early ideation to manufacturing preparation and to product go-to-market deliverables production.

This is the purpose of Accelerated Device solution, actively supporting customers to establish and develop their industry leadership.


Maximize relevancy & capitalization of open innovation projects
Accelerate each step of the Upstream Innovation process for industry leaders to push their traditional boundaries and invent new customer experiences

High Impact Innovation is an Innovation Process management solution providing an end-to-end coverage from Market Intelligence to Ideas gathering, prototyping & validation.

It supports and accelerates each step of the Upstream Innovation process for industry leaders to push their traditional boundaries and invent new customer experiences:

  • Trends gathering to identify new business opportunities, emerging technologies and market disruptors
  • Ideas capitalization and maturation
  • Ideas prototyping leading to tangible assets to be integrated in the product portfolio
  • Team-driven ideas and concepts validation relying on the most advanced virtual collaboration applications

This is a perfect combination to deliver and capitalize more relevant, more meaningful innovative projects that will feed the product portfolio pipeline.


Create high-impact, multi-channel marketing experiences leveraging engineering data

High Impact Marketing is now a dedicated sales & marketing, 3DEXPERIENCE platform solution for the High Tech industry. It enables the creation of compelling marketing content and experiences and helps sales and marketing teams successfully launch new product campaigns on time and under budget.

Marketing stakeholders are now perfectly synchronized; from the gathering of trends and ideas capitalization to the team-driven validation of marketing content. The solution leverages existing CAD and PLM data on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to create high-impact multi-channel marketing content. A wide range of 2D images, movies and 3D immersive experiences can be created for multi-channel storytelling even before the product is available.

Using High Impact Marketing, sales & marketing teams can now increase brand awareness and consumer loyalty by creating engaging Marketing Experiences that meet both the needs of our High Tech customers and their target audiences.


Optimize engineering from molecule to system in designing safer, long-lasting and fast-charging batteries

High Performance Battery is a design & engineering solution providing an end-to-end coverage from Battery Materials Design, to System Behavior, Performance Validation of cells and packs  and Battery Integration into the device.

It supports and accelerates each step of the battery engineering process for companies willing to go beyond their traditional boundaries and design batteries suited for the best customer experiences:

  • Material development with virtual screening
  • Cell formulation and recipe development with compliance requirements
  • Behavior Analysis (thermal, electrical, aging)
  • Structural and Performance validation through cell, module and pack simulations (mechanical abuse testing)
  • Team-driven validation and analysis  through the 3DEXPERIENCE platform


Advance engineering collaboration to create mechatronic products right first time

Smaller form factors, short product lifecycles and narrow time to market windows put strong pressures on engineering teams of High-Tech devices. The perfect synchronization of mechatronic engineering is a key condition to succeed.

High Performance Mechatronics provides a platform to synchronize electronics and mechanical CAD design and to leverage realistic simulation early in the design process. Together with advanced capabilities for enclosure design, multidisciplinary engineering teams can now deliver perfectly designed and performing products on stringent time and quality targets.


Foster efficiency and agility in developing configurable products and solutions

The High-Tech Operational Excellence solution is providing companies with the environment to accelerate product development by quickly adapting product roadmap to consumer demand and maintaining cost, resources, quality and compliance under optimal control.

The solution can be implemented step by step. It provides a consistent, optimal and agile product development governance environment that connects all management processes in a consistent manner to efficiently control:

  • Requirements
  • Product Lines
  • Product Configurations
  • Technology Road mapping
  • Strategic components & technology selection
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Bill of Material
  • Issue & Defect
  • Key Performance indicators
  • IP security and trade compliance
  • Hybrid Project management

It synchronizes the overall efforts to reduce the non-added value tasks, reduce the cost of errors while monitoring the key performance indicators for continuous process  & product improvement.


Master the complexity of building adaptive systems with optimal performances

Highly Adaptive Systems is a global collaborative system and software definition solution that facilitates the development of optimized adaptive products. It allows products to continuously evolve in sync with user needs and environment. The solution helps High Tech companies facing growing product complexity and fast evolving market to design and validate multi-disciplinary system architecture and define comprehensive, coherent and consistent requirements.


Transform your production and supply chain to gain flexibility, efficiency and speed

Dassault Systèmes’ Highly Flexible Manufacturing enables High-Tech companies to fully embrace the IIoT opportunity through the digital integration of manufacturing planning, execution and demand planning on a single platform. It delivers the production speed and agility required in today’s competitive and cost-sensitive markets.


Accelerate development & increase device reliability by maximizing the use of virtual validation

Growing product complexity and volatile demands are putting cost and time pressures on High-Tech development, which can be effectively met by maximizing the use of virtual validation. Highly Virtual Prototyping allows to synchronize product requirements with validation and test plans, to run critical multiphysics simulations like structural, thermal, electromagnetic compliance (EMC), and to analyze results efficiently. Those tasks are performed in a common environment, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, ensuring a common simulation base model for multiple validation and maintaining a full visibility and traceability from requirements to test results. This Industry Solution Experience significantly shortens time to market by reducing the number of physical prototypes and controls warranty costs by avoiding early product failures.


Optimize Packaging Innovation in Record Time

Packaging plays a critical role in driving Consumer Packed Goods & Retail sales. Shoppers make many of their purchase decisions within five to eight seconds.

Packaging plays a critical role in driving Consumer Packed Goods & Retail sales. Shoppers make many of their purchase decisions within five to eight seconds. The package design, color and artwork serve to stop, hold and close the shopper to select the product that is right for them. With the decline of the effectiveness of mass media, it is critical that Consumer Packed Goods & Retail companies ensure that their product can gain consumers attention, communicate their value and drive them to place the product in their basket based on the communicated value v. the price.

Perfect Package turns what has been a serial development process plagued by multiple rounds of rework, resulting in sub-optimal designs into a concurrent design process integrating internal and external organizations to create breakthrough packaging in record time!