Industrial equipment comprises the manufacturers of machines, tools, equipment or vehicles that are used to manufacture, extract, harvest or handle another product.


The growing trends of the 4th Industrial Revolution – automation, IoT, artificial intelligence, big data analysis, networked communications, machine learning and cloud computing – mark a significant change in the way we work and how we engage with our customers. These emerging technologies are providing advanced and disruptive Industrial Equipment solutions that support the creation, production and delivery of sophisticated and efficient machinery, equipment and components.




Industrial Robots, Machine Tools & 3D Printers

Transforming Industrial Equipment and providing manufacturers with the flexibility to deliver connected and customized robotics and 3D printing.

The Industrial Robots, Machine Tools & 3D Printers industry segment encompasses:

  • Machine Tools
  • Industrial Robots
  • Industrial 3D printers
  • Automated Guided Vehicles


  • Streamline Organization Complexity
  • Develop, Produce and Deliver Faster
  • Global Competitive Pricing


Specialized Manufacturing Machinery

To win more deals, manufacturers need to propose smarter and more flexible machines.

The Specialized Manufacturing Machinery industry segment encompasses:

  • Specialized Automated Manufacturing Machinery
  • Conveyors
  • Engineering Services and Line Builders
  • Vending Machines Manufacturers


  • Remove Organization Complexity
  • Specialized Manufacturing Machinery – Better and Faster
  • Solidify Your Global Market Position
  • From Machine Reseller to Service Provider


Heavy Mobile Machinery & Equipment

Offering robust and efficient heavy mobile equipment that are tailored to the demands and comply with national regulations

The Heavy Mobile Machinery & Equipment industry segment encompasses:

  • Farm Machinery Manufacturers
  • Construction & Mining Machinery Manufacturers
  • Industrial Trucks Manufacturers
  • Overhead Travelling Cranes, Hoists and Monorail Systems


  • Overcome Organizational Complexity
  • High Performance Heavy Mobile Equipment
  • Cut Time to Market
  • Demand is Highly Customized
  • Increased Regulation Compliance
  • Services to Support High Performance


Building Equipment

Paying particular attention to design, compliance and equipment efficiency

The Building Equipment industry segment encompasses:

  • Elevators, Escalators and Autowalks
  • Access Solutions
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air-Con (HVAC), including AC appliances (B2B or B2C)


  • Efficient Design and Production
  • Produce Equipment for Comfort and Safety
  • Ensure Better Margins With Expanded Service Offerings


Power & Fluidic Equipment

Transforming how power and fluidic equipment is designed by providing increased flexibility, accuracy, analytics and customization capabilities

The Power & Fluidic Equipment industry segment encompasses:

  • Motors & Generators
  • Fluidic Equipment
  • Standard Oil and Gas field equipment manufacturers
  • Heating & refrigeration (not HVAC)


  • Overcoming Organization Complexity
  • Efficient Equipment On Time
  • Increased Regulation Compliance


Fabricated Metal & Plastic Products

A machine’s stability and performance depends on the quality of its components whose cost must remain low though

The Fabricated Metal & Plastic Products industry segment encompasses:

  • Metallic Components
  • Cutting Tools Molds and Dies
  • Plastic Products manufacturers
  • Insulation and sealing products


  • Manage a Wide Product Portfolio
  • Deliver Quality Parts on Time
  • Competitively Priced Machine Components


Tire Manufacturers

Facing the challenges of Rising fuel and raw material costs, fierce competition, and stringent safety and environmental regulations

The Tire Manufacturers industry segment encompasses:

  • Tire manufacturers
  • Tire repair shops


  • Maximize Organization Collaboration
  • Materials Management Through to Production
  • Meet Stringent Safety and Environmental Regulations


Industry Solution Experiences


Concurrent Equipment Engineering

Drive superior performance with true concurrent engineering, and unlock the potential to collaborate to innovate.

Concurrent Equipment Engineering brings the benefits of true concurrent engineering – the ability for all the stakeholders to collaborate and work on the same engineering data without any exchange or conversion. Based on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, it links all engineering disciplines together in the same environment (design, engineering, simulation, and manufacturing) with a bi-directional flow of digital information.

Concurrent Equipment Engineering provides the digital continuity needed to manage all engineering, simulation and manufacturing information consistently. It serves to break the information silos between these and other business disciplines, improving collaboration and accelerating the pace of operations.


Digital Equipment Continuity

One unique solution to engineer, produce and service fast anywhere

One of the advantages big industrial equipment companies have is technology that provides seamless data continuity and productivity across their entire enterprise. New technologies perpetuate incredible new processes and systems to advance how manufacturers make products and deliver services.
But for small to medium companies, adopting new technology can seem overwhelming and cost prohibitive. With Digital Equipment Continuity, small to medium Industrial Equipment companies can level the playing field with a data driven collaboration platform provides digital continuity across the complete value chain. Based on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, this solution allows companies to transform from file based to a data driven product structure, and shift from a standalone product portfolio to service-based offerings that support better customer engagements and additional revenue.

From product engineering to manufacturing to service and maintenance, Digital Equipment Continuity provides the accelerated freedom to collaborate, design and produce at an accelerated rate at any location.


Instant Equipment Showcase

Boost Marketing Campaign & Buying Experience !

Instant Equipment Showcase is a Marketing and Sales solution enabling Industrial Equipment companies to leverage engineering product models to create innovative and interactive marketing assets

Instant Equipment Showcase is a Marketing and Sales solution enabling Industrial Equipment companies to leverage engineering product models to create innovative and interactive marketing assets. Thanks to dedicated applications for marketers: Marketing directors can analyze market trends and competitors for better decision making; Artists enable create memorable multi-channel customer experiences and Sales representative allow reducing sales costs by showcasing products in a virtual way at fairs, events or showrooms.


  • Connect marketing ecosystem while securing the industrial property
  • Digital continuity between Engineering and Marketing for lossless information exchange and automatic update of marketing assets
  • Boost Sales with earlier communication before the product is manufactured
  • Offer memorable multi-channel consumer experiences with emotional and interactive marketing tools


Keep Them Running

Place service at the forefront of industrial equipment development to design maintenance-friendly equipment, in order to minimize downtime & maximize performance
Keep Them Running enables Industrial Equipment manufacturers to fully embrace concurrent engineering and become model-based as it includes the Service & After-Sales departments in the Product Lifecycle Management. With a product-as-a-service approach and predictive maintenance they can now sell field uptime as well as maintaining the equipment in a way that guarantees safety for the service technician.


Ready To Make

Plan, define and execute operations to manufacture any product anywhere with agility

Business Challenges

  • Supply Chain Complexity multi-sites manufacturing system
  • Collaborating across functions and geographies
  • How can New Product Introduction (NPI) cycle times be reduced without negatively impacting product quality?
  • Manufacturing engineering data duplication for process definition across plants
  • How can “Any Product, Any Plant” manufacturing flexibility support a highly proliferated product portfolio?
  • Obsolete Plant IT system proliferation


Simplified Smart Equipment

Systems-driven design for robust performance

Simplified Smart Equipment offers an integrated solution to cover the end-to-end product development process with interfaces for integration of customer legacy tools.

The goal of many Industrial Equipment company is to offer their customers reliable smart products faster than the competition. Simplified Smart Equipment offers an integrated solution to cover the end-to-end product development process with interfaces for integration of customer legacy tools.

This solution provides a conceptual and configurable system based on a model-based system engineering approach to develop and validate multi-discipline systems.

Based on the 3DEXPERIENCE® Platform, Simplified Smart Equipment integrates unique environment applications to manage requirements, functional and logical architecture, behavior simulation, safety and quality.


Single Source for Speed

One unique solution to engineer and produce fast anywhere. Single Source for Speed is providing a Single and Unique Solution to Speed Up Development, Customer Projects and Strategic Initiatives at all Times, everywhere and in an Integrated Way

A defining factor of successful Industrial Equipment companies is their ability to define and manufacture quality products tailored to customer preferences and deliver them anywhere in the world at record speed. And they are achieving this by using emerging technologies to connect all enterprise communities (internal and external) on a single platform to ensure customer satisfaction.

Single Source for Speed is a single data driven, model based product backbone that offers digital continuity and governance capabilities – from product engineering to manufacturing to service and maintenance – in one single repository.  It allows manufacturing companies to capitalize knowledge, intensify collaboration, improve productivity and stimulate innovation. This creates a flexible yet robust environment that facilitates decision-making, reduces costs and accelerates time to market.

Based on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, Single Source for Speed ensures that up to date holistic product data is available across all group sites, engineering disciplines, production and service. In addition to being user friendly, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform is a true business environment to speed up product development, customer projects and strategic initiatives at all times, everywhere.