Life Sciences is a permanently growing sector focused on innovation in new drugs, new medical devices and new therapies under strict Regulatory Compliancy rules. Beyond Human health, Animal and Plant Health (Phytosanitary) are also part of the scope of life Sciences.


The pace of change in the Life Sciences industry is both exciting and extraordinary, resulting in core paradigm shifts in both strategies and processes for key industry stakeholders. Leading Life Sciences manufacturers are understanding that in order to meet these challenges they must excel in scientific leadership and innovate the processes throughout their ecosystem to create competitive advantage, and deliver holistic, superior patient and physician-centric experiences.


Transforming Industrial Equipment and providing manufacturers with the flexibility in customized robotics and 3D printing

Transforming Industrial Equipment and providing manufacturers with the flexibility in customized robotics and 3D printing

The Industrial Robots, Machine Tools & 3D Printers industry segment encompasses machine tools, industrial robots, industrial 3D printers, and automated guided vehicles.

Challenges include streamlining organization complexity, improving development, production & delivery speeds, and establishing competitive pricing.

Transforming medical devices with sustainable innovation

Transforming medical devices with sustainable innovation

The Medical Devices & Equipment industry segment encompasses In Vitro Diagnostics, imaging & radiation, medical electronics & software, prothesis & orthosis, and wholesale dealing in medical, dental, hospital equipment & supplies.

Challenges include managing complexity while reducing non-compliance, delivering patient-centric experiences, re-inventing value chain, and transforming development & manufacturing operations.

The patient care arena is changing rapidly

The patient care arena is changing rapidly

The Patient Care industry segment encompasses physicians, hospitals & clinics, ambulatory care, and governments.

Challenges include increasing value from my ecosystem by adopting new business models, delivering holistic patient-centric experiences, and unleashing your ecosystem’s horsepower through knowledge capitalization in patient care.



Be the 1st to market

Accelerated Device solution connects industrial designers, electronics engineers, software engineers, mechanical engineers and product management to a unique “live” product view that can be securely shared with external partners.

In today’s global markets, High-Tech innovation is being strongly driven by small and medium-sized companies.To conquer markets and stay ahead of the competition, they need to rapidly get their products to market, to scale, to diversify – all while staying agile and adaptive to market dynamics.

Accelerated Device is a solution that reduces the time for New Product Introduction (NPI) by connecting industrial designers, electronic engineers, mechanical engineers and product management to a unique consolidated view of the product that can be securely shared with external partners. Also incorporating advanced 3D design and simulation, small and mid-sized High-Tech companies can now innovate products at the speed of market demands.


Drive superior performance with true concurrent engineering, and unlock the potential to collaborate to innovate

Concurrent Equipment Engineering provides the digital continuity needed to manage all engineering, simulation and manufacturing information consistently. It serves to break the information silos between these and other business disciplines, improving collaboration and accelerating the pace of operations.

Based on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, Concurrent Equipment Engineering links all Engineering disciplines together in the same environment: Design, Engineering, Simulation and Manufacturing with a bi-directional flow of digital information.


One unique solution to engineer, produce and service fast anywhere

One of the advantages big industrial equipment companies have is technology that provides seamless data continuity and productivity across their entire enterprise. New technologies perpetuate incredible new processes and systems to advance how manufacturers make products and deliver services.

But for small to medium companies, adopting new technology can seem overwhelming and cost prohibitive. With Digital Equipment Continuity, small to medium Industrial Equipment companies can level the playing field with a data driven collaboration platform provides digital continuity across the complete value chain. Based on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, this solution allows companies to transform from file based to a data driven product structure, and shift from a standalone product portfolio to service-based offerings that support better customer engagements and additional revenue.

From product engineering to manufacturing to service and maintenance, Digital Equipment Continuity provides the accelerated freedom to collaborate, design and produce at an accelerated rate at any location.


Maximize the relevancy and capitalization of your open innovation projects

High Impact Innovation is an Innovation Process management solution providing an end-to-end coverage from Market Intelligence, to Ideas Gathering, Prototyping & Validation. It supports and accelerates each step of the Upstream Innovation process for large companies willing to go beyond their traditional boundaries and invent new customer experiences:

  • Trends gathering to identify new business opportunities, emerging technologies and market disruptors
  • Ideas capitalization and maturation in the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform
  • Ideas prototyping into tangible assets to be integrated in the product portfolio
  • Team-driven validation of the ideas and concepts through the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform

Combined with the methodologies of DESIGN STUDIO from Dassault Systèmes and/or C&SI partners like BLUENOVE, this is a perfect combination to deliver more relevant innovation projects, better capitalized.


Accelerate the delivery of innovative, safe and fully compliant medical devices

High consumer expectations for better healthcare and advances in technology that improve quality of life are creating favorable market conditions for medical device companies. But increasing regulatory scrutiny is forcing medical device manufacturers to focus more on quality and safety. The License to Cure for Medical Device industry solution experience allows companies to eliminate scattered processes and data and to “embed” regulations as an asset, optimizing quality and compliance and reducing cost and time to market.


Manage and Improve Quality and Performance Across Global Regulated Operations

Made to Cure for Medical Device enables improved efficiency at every stage of the supply chain and production journey. It powers end-to-end planning and optimization in a single environment (Tactical planning, Operational planning and Execution), across all planning horizons. It enables organizations to achieve a higher level of operational performance that lowers costs, improves quality, and accelerates new product introductions.

Made to Cure for Medical Device maximizes efficiency and reduce costs in production processes, while at the same time, monitors and maintains high product quality and yield, minimizes variability, and helps meets regulatory requirements worldwide.


Systems-driven design for robust performance

Simplified Smart Equipment offers an integrated solution to cover the end-to-end product development process with interfaces for integration of customer legacy tools.

The goal of many Industrial Equipment company is to offer their customers reliable smart products faster than the competition. Simplified Smart Equipment offers an integrated solution to cover the end-to-end product development process with interfaces for integration of customer legacy tools.

This solution provides a conceptual and configurable system based on a model-based system engineering approach to develop and validate multi-discipline systems. Based on the 3DEXPERIENCE® Platform, Simplified Smart Equipment integrates unique environment applications to manage requirements, functional and logical architecture, behavior simulation, safety and quality.


One unique solution to engineer and produce fast anywhere. Single Source for Speed is providing a Single and Unique Solution to Speed Up Development, Customer Projects and Strategic Initiatives at all Times, everywhere and in an Integrated Way.

A defining factor of successful Industrial Equipment companies is their ability to define and manufacture quality products tailored to customer preferences and deliver them anywhere in the world at record speed. And they are achieving this by using emerging technologies to connect all enterprise communities (internal and external) on a single platform to ensure customer satisfaction.

Single Source for Speed is a single data driven, model based product backbone that offers digital continuity and governance capabilities – from product engineering to manufacturing to service and maintenance – in one single repository.  It allows manufacturing companies to capitalize knowledge, intensify collaboration, improve productivity and stimulate innovation. This creates a flexible yet robust environment that facilitates decision-making, reduces costs and accelerates time to market.

Based on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, Single Source for Speed ensures that up to date holistic product data is available across all group sites, engineering disciplines, production and service. In addition to being user friendly, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform is a true business environment to speed up product development, customer projects and strategic initiatives at all times, everywhere.