2 Mar 2021: Building the Workforce of The Future in Advanced Manufacturing

Synopsis: Digital transformation is taking place across all industries – educators and students need new capabilities for the jobs and opportunities of tomorrow.

Our speakers will share how they used Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE® for Education platform to teach and innovate in Advanced Manufacturing areas. Learn about:

  • A final-year project to virtualize a factory floor that became an industry enabler
  • A class to teach budding engineers how to “Go-To-Market in 100 days” that developed award-winning products
  • An integrative approach to project-based learning that resulted in a contender for the transport system of tomorrow

27 Nov 2020: High-Tech Operational Excellence Webinar

Synopsis: Foster agility in developing configurable products and solutions.

The speakers will share how they address industry-specific challenges in order to ride the IOT-wave bringing new opportunities through new markets, customers and applications. Learn about:

  • Overcoming increase speed of product introduction, market-driven portfolio and end customer co-innovation
  • Improving R&D efficiency via proven IP reuse and platform-based design
  • Reducing customer BOM by integration of technologies
  • Reducing integration efforts for customers with reference designs and software

26 Aug 2020: Working Smarter with CATIA V5 Webinar Series

Synopsis: Explore solutions that support complex DMU reviews and simulations for quick and efficient engineering and process decisions.

This webinar will share how to utilise CATIA V5 more efficiently to address challenges and maximise productivity. Learn about:

  • Digital Mock-Up and its Benefits & Applications
  • Product Development Goals & Challenges
  • Design Review Process
  • Interference Management VS Interference Detection
  • Space Analysis & Optimization

19 Aug 2020: Working Smarter with CATIA V5 Webinar Series

Synopsis: Drive accuracy in your business by replicating & reusing the product definition, improving product design process, eliminating errors.

This webinar will share more about the usefulness of CATIA 3D Master with step-by-step demonstration on the platform. Learn about:

  • 3D Definition to define, certify, manufacture, inspect and distribute CAD data
  • Migration process to 3D Model
  • Improving quality and reducing cost with 3D Master

15 Apr 2020: Factory of the Future Episode 2

Synopsis: Manufacturing companies often face redundant processes, repetitive programming, incomplete situations, time-intensive production methods and the uncertainty of whether or not the shop floor is working with current data.

Hear from Dassault Systèmes’ technical expert on how a virtual experience platform like the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform supports manufacturing innovation by moving new product development programs quickly and accurately from product conceptual design to production execution.

In this second episode, walk through the Process Engineering domain of the Factory of the Future. Learn about:

  • Defining Plant Layout
  • Simulating & Programming Machines
  • Running Ergonomics Analysis
  • Simulating Factory Flow

8 Apr 2020: Factory of the Future Episode 1

Synopsis: Have you ever thought about how factories will look like in the future? What would it be like to progress beyond digitalization to full digital transformation with the virtual world?

Hear from our experts on how the Factory of the Future business model accelerates innovation, enables sustainable growth and an empowered workforce through a virtual experience platform like the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform. Learn about:

  • How the Virtual World Extends and Improves the Real World of Manufacturing
  • Enhancing the Virtual World with Real Operational Experiences
  • Global Operations Optimization and Value Network Orchestration
  • Empowering Collaboration and Decision Support