Collaborative Business & Industry Innovator – On Cloud

The Collaborative Business and Industry Innovator role is a combination of the Collaborative Business Innovator (IFW) and Collaborative Industry Innovator (CSV) roles. Collaborative Business Innovator delivers the underpinning apps and services that unite all users in the innovation value chain – to establish social communities to share, experiment and innovate effectively. Collaborative Industry Innovator provides apps and services to organize, manage and collaborate on content in a real-time and secured manner.


Engage All Stakeholders

Innovate with a higher degree of confidence by engaging consumers and customers early in the ideation process. Consider valuable feedback from across the value chain with minimal effort.

Improve Decision Making

Make the Right Decisions considering all the data across the enterprise, not just data at hand or outdated reports.

Realtime Engineering Definition

Improve productivity by sharing easily across the value chain. Spend less time updating data and managing status.

Secure Data Storage and Access

Secure access to all product-related content and data. Common services in a single platform for ease of use.

Secure Data Management

Company IP is protected by allowing only authorized users to share and collaborate on content.


  • Connect everyone to the innovation process. Users across the enterprise value chain gain immeasurably when they are connected early in the innovation process.
  • 3DDashboard delivers the real-time intelligence needed to monitor everything that matters to a business. Users can monitor the things they care about online.
  • Share files securely on the cloud. With 3DDrive and 3DPassport authentication, users can securely store their documents on 3DDrive and access them from any device.
  • Instantly collaborate and share ideas in 3D. Users collaborate with each other in real-time by using the 3DMessaging and 3DPlay.
  • Secure access to all product content to enable sharing an ad-ho collaboration for cross-functional and geographically dispersed teams.
  • Collaborative IP management to enable collaboration with shared content.
  • Data navigation on any product development.
  • Immersive business intelligence (B.I. Essentials) highlights key performance indicators (KPI) directly on the 3D product view.