Our customers ask…

“How can I make the best reuse, buy or make decision for my product parts?”

What is it?

Companies struggle to determine whether to reuse, buy or make product parts.

How do we deliver value?

Our artificial intelligence enabled solutions to reuse existing parts, pare down the catalog, and find qualified suppliers make the decisions obvious.

Why is this important?

Making informed decisions can help reduce risks, cut costs, and save time.

What are the results?

Customers have saved millions from more savvy management of their product parts.


Communicate standard parts to reuse company wide

Reduce risks (supply, costs, manufacturing)

Decrease costs (transportation, warehousing, tooling, negotiate quantity discounts)

Improve time to market and facilitate collaboration

Increase reliability (trusted suppliers in your area)

Enhance sustainability (decreased transportation distance)

Ensure quality compliance (the right part tested in your design)

Boost innovation (more time available for more strategic projects)

Market Needs

Companies seek “quick wins”, such as:

  • Standardizing product parts is one way to see immediate results
  • Reusing existing parts decreases costs and time, ensuring quality
  • A better way to find new parts nearby and fast during times of uncertainty
  • Adding more flexibility to the supply chain also helps meet sustainability imperatives
  • Automated way for designers to make the right decision: reuse, buy, make  such that more time can be devoted to innovation; save on testing, tooling, storage, and other costs

MarketPlace: PartSupply

As a complementary offer, PartSupply Community provides components as a service, saving designers time searching for the right component. Users and companies benefit from an online qualified ecosystem of industrial suppliers worldwide, including the most comprehensive online 3D components catalog with tens of millions of components and hundreds of qualified suppliers.

PartSupply Enrollment

The PartSupply Enrollment service enables component suppliers to manage and publish more easily their component catalog in PartSupply, including 3D models as well as design, engineering and sourcing (prices) properties. Each part is classified in a standard classification using an AI-based assistant tool. It leverages machine learning models trained on the 3D signatures of millions of parts.

PartSupply Enterprise

The PartSupply Enterprise service allows companies to build their own catalogs of components combining in-house components and components from external partners.

PartSupply: Optimized Components Consumer from any Browser

PartSupply: Optimized Components Consumer from CATIA

PartSupply: Standard Component Manager for Classification & Standardization