Driving Vehicle Innovation toward the Mobility of the Future

The Transportation & Mobility industry covers the rolling vehicles ecosystem. These vehicles include cars, motorcycles, trucks and trains. The ecosystem covers the conception, manufacturing, supplying, retailing and maintenance of the above-mentioned vehicles.


  • Electric, Connected & Autonomous Vehicles
    Next-generation vehicle success requires advanced creative design, shared intelligence, systems engineering and multi-domain collaboration.
  • New Customer Experience
    Dream, explore, validate then seamlessly produce bold new mobility options for demanding global consumers.
  • Quality, Regulations, Cost
    Accelerate profitable new opportunities, while ensuring quality, fulfilling global/local requirements, and minimizing expenses.
  • Mass Production to Mass Customization
    Improve visibility, efficiency, and control of manufacturing production and operations, within and across global/local plants.




Car & Light Truck OEMs

Helping brands and manufacturers of passenger cars, light trucks adapt to new regulations and bring new technology to the market

Car & Light Truck OEMs segment encompasses:

  • Cars OEMs (and related dealers / after sales services)
  • Light trucks OEMS (van, pick-up) and related dealers / after sales.


  • New Customer Experience
  • Electric, Connected & Autonomous Vehicles
  • Quality, Regulations & Cost


Racing Cars

Enabling global racing innovators to craft the ultimate, race-winning vehicles, while also fulfilling industry requirements and optimizing performance

The Racing Cars industry segment encompasses:

  • Formule 1
  • Nascar
  • Others racing cars


  • Ensure Competition Results
  • Quality, Regulations & Cost
  • Advertise, Promote Success and Differentiators
  • Create an Innovation Catalyst



Ensuring cycle futurists have industry-leading capabilities to develop and deliver high-performance, innovatively styled, new motorcycle and scooter experiences

The Motorcycles industry segment encompasses:

  • Motorcycles OEMs
  • Scooters OEMS


New Customer Experience

Vehicles and sales options are evolving fast. Intimate knowledge of people’s relationship with products and services is critical. A virtual environment is needed to explore and validate new options.

Quality, Regulations & Cost

Accelerate profitable new opportunities, while ensuring quality, fulfilling global/local requirements and minimizing expenses.Ensuring cycle futurists have industry-leading capabilities to develop and deliver high-performance, innovatively styled, new motorcycle and scooter experiences


T&M Industry Suppliers

Enabling global suppliers to successfully manage multi-OEM priorities, fulfill regional requirements and deliver competitive innovation, while ensuring profitability

The  T&M Industry Suppliers industry segment encompasses:

  • T&M suppliers (parts, subsystems, accessories providers including electronics systems)
  • T&M engineering services
  • T&M dealers
  • T&M repair shops


  • Electric, Connected & Autonomous Vehicles
  • Quality, Regulations & Cost
  • Deliver to New Customer Experience Needs
  • Expansion to the Global Marketplace


Trucks & Buses

Empowering truck and bus innovators to conceptualize, engineer, simulate and produce modular, multi-function, next-generation commercial vehicles

The Trucks & Buses industry segment encompasses:

  • Medium and heavy Trucks, buses, truck trailers
  • Special trucks (Fire, Garbage …)
  • Armoured / Defense vehicles
  • Motor home / travel trailers /
  • Transportation systems management for buses


  • Quality, Regulations & Cost
  • Electric, Connected & Autonomous Vehicles
  • Mass Customization



Providing rolling stock developers with industry-proven capabilities and processes to pursue more diversified, profitable and safer rail and train developments

The Trains industry segment encompasses:

  • Railroad Equipment (Rolling stock and Turnkey systems)
  • Fleet maintenance for rail operators
  • Refurbishment & overhaul of rail vehicles and components
  • Train Operators
  • Systems for trains


  • Safety and Reliability
  • Global Market Growth
  • Highly Competitive Environment
  • Market Shift to Emerging Countries



Industry Solution Experiences


Bid to Win

Liberate your skilled teams to innovate when you Bid to Win

Bid to Win enables your teams with industry-proven tools and processes to analyze opportunities, win optimal new business, then design, engineer, validate, manufacture and deliver on target to their customers’ satisfaction.

Benefit from an integrated solution, providing a centralized ‘single source of the truth’ when syncing multi-site projects, development changes, product data and requirements management.  As business is won and successfully completed, success factors are captured for re-use in a systematic process, to fortify your expertise and knowledge base.

Bid to Win solution benefits:

  • Consolidate and expand your customer base with faster innovation
  • Accelerate profitable opportunities
  • Ensure global project integrity and quality
  • Unify cross-discipline teams seamlessly
  • Create the processes to deliver profitably
  • Learn from the past while leveraging your legacy ideas and concepts.


Drive Emotion

Connect the industrial design development actors in a collaborative environment to imagine, shape and validate concepts

In a world where brands multiply efforts to lure clients away from their competitors, retaining customer loyalty is a matter no business can afford to take lightly. Customer focus has shifted from products to the experiences they engender. Brands that reorient their strategies around what customers feel are on the right track.

Automotive designers are on the front line but are not alone; their ideas are subjected to technical and business considerations such as costs, materials, ergonomics and manufacturability. The final result is always a compromise between design and engineering.

The Drive Emotion industry solution experience, based on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, delivers a holistic design experience that keeps the magic going from initial sketch to virtual validation of a design in a fully-immersive environment. Through this single platform, design becomes an iterative process in which designers and engineers collaborate in real time on the same virtual model using compatible software applications to exchange ideas and come up with the best designs.


Efficient Multi-Energy Platform

Develop and industrialize versatile, compliant chassis and powertrains

Versatile mega-platforms enables the long term challenges to be met while keeping all powertrain options open. On one side, manufacturing lines around the world are consolidated on one or two platform, and on the other side all powertrain solutions are developed during the uncertain transition period to full electricity platform.

Efficient Multi-Energy Platform is the solution to help our customers face the current engineering challenges associated with these mega-platforms development, from concept to production:

  • Optimize Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) to comply with regulations: Optimize powertrain architecture while mastering complex physical phenomenon
  • Deliver chassis design supporting all types of powertrain: Ease decision making from Multiphysics approach at conceptual level before going to detailed design
  • Industrialize modular & flexible production capabilities: Manage flexible production lines in Versatile mega-platforms
  • Develop electric powertrain with optimum multi-domains attributes: Streamline collaboration and traceability


Electro Mobility Accelerator

Enables EV innovators to accelerate innovations to market at competitive cost and optimal quality

The Automotive Industry is experiencing tremendous business shifts with traditional car-makers launching innovation labs and pure new players starting from scratch. Electro Mobility Accelerator enables new Mobility OEMs and long-time established OEMs to imagine, develop and industrialize new electric mobility concepts with an “all-in-one” collaborative environment

  • Cover the end-to-end process from system engineering to mechanical and shape engineerin
  • Imagine, sketch and 3D prototype Transportation & Mobility new concepts
  • Validate product performance with simulation to perform cross-disciplines optimization
  • Manage project activities, deliveries and collaborative reviews


Global Modular Architecture

Enhance collaboration and master complexity to drive profitability.

Global Modular Architecture delivers a unified collaborative environment as single source of truth for all the company and its extended partners in all domains: starting from product planning, early vehicle architecture and performance tradeoff, standardization & sourcing, and up to test and validation

A vehicle is complex. An autonomous vehicle is even more complex, and this complexity is increasing as technologies are developing. Old fashion PLM cannot efficiently handle this anymore. Since decades, modularization has been at the heart of all OEMs’ strategies, crossing all segments (cars, trains, motorcycle, trucks, …). Modularization improves engineering efficiency but also enables production of many different models on the same production line in all production sites. But behind modularization there is a systems engineering approach applied at the enterprise level.

The Global Modular Architecture solution is a disruptive approach that fits the new development challenges and goes beyond traditional Product Data Management (PDM) with an enterprise systems engineering approach to drive early Bill of Materials (BOM), and a configured Digital Mock-Up (DMU) to support the designers’ tasks.


Lean Production Run

Improve visibility, efficiency, and control of planning & manufacturing operations, within and across plants

Lean Production Run offers both one integrated solution for all planning functions (resources, supplier, material, demand, workforce) and the widest possible footprint for manufacturing operations visibility, control and synchronization – within the plant AND across your entire enterprise. Performance is optimized across all aspects of the extended value chain, including your people, materials, machines and processes – and those of your suppliers with deployment flexibility that can be tailored to specific functional needs within a plant or globally. By optimizing and communicating real-time data, signals, alerts, from any operations network location to any other location around the world,

Lean Production Run empowers global manufacturers to respond quickly to strategy shifts, changing market conditions and unexpected events. Based on the state-of-the-art Apriso Quinitiq and Ortems,

Lean Production Run can help you maximize margins, reduce lead times and improve product quality to ultimately achieve a new level of planning and operational excellence.


On-Target Vehicle Launch

Advance innovation of autonomous vehicles to change the way the world moves

The automotive industry is facing disruptive changes with electric vehicles, autonomous and connected mobility. To survive, OEMS must reinvent new driving experiences and are already in competition for electric vehicle market share. Of course there is no possible compromise between comfort and safety which is a double challenge for engineering teams. Meanwhile, factories are adopting a flexible production line approach, which is now a basis to guarantee performance, module diversity and delivery to the market on time. All those challenges require radical strategic decisions to be taken and the risk on investments has never been so high. It is now mandatory to do right first time.

On-Target Vehicle Launch is the solution to help our customers face the current engineering challenges associated with vehicle development, from concept to manufacturing validation:

  • Push the limit of Body in White development: ease decision making with a Multiphysics approach at conceptual level and accelerate productivity for detailed design
  • Optimize passenger comfort: streamline collaboration & traceability between disciplines
  • Go beyond physical prototypes to validate safety and regulations: optimize vehicle modules while mastering complex physical phenomenon
  • Remove expensive wasted time with a full digital production engineering control: link all sequences and resources management to the production plan.

Specific new Industry Process Experiences have been developed with SIMULIA such as Vehicle Performance in Adverse Conditions, Vehicle Thermal Performance and Cabin Comfort.


Smart, Safe & Connected

Smart, Safe & Connected : Design, Validate, Deliver the Intelligent Vehicle Experience

More than 90% of innovations in a vehicle are now coming from embedded software and electronics. The complexity of automotive products is increasing while high pressures is getting stronger on the safety standards compliance and development cycle reduction.

Smart, Safe & Connected enables Automotive Manufacturers and Automotive Suppliers to develop and virtually validate mechatronics, electronics and embedded software innovations that will improve the driving experience of their customers.


Virtual Garage

From 3D master model to stunning marketing campaigns.

Virtual Garage is an industry solution experience that enables Transportation & Mobility Sales and Marketing to massively improve the speed, quality and reach of their digital product promotion. Their customers interact across multiple touch-points to increase awareness, lead generation, sales revenues and margins.

Transportation industries are on a quest to deliver outstanding product and service support to their customers. This trend is epitomized by today’s mass customization phenomenon. In order to reach a sustainable compromise between individual customer demands and the increasing cost of meeting those needs, vehicle makers are turning to platform standardization. More recently, they extended the concept to vehicle modularization, ultimately allowing marketing and sales teams to better win new buyers with tailored products.

But, with such a broad vehicle configuration capacity, how can marketing and sales managers ensure they get all the exact individual vehicle information, shared across all communication channels, devices, local markets, consistently and early, sometimes even prior to product production?

The Virtual Garage industry solution experience delivers stunning automotive sales and marketing materials, tools, and event experiences. It enables your company to leverage existing vehicle CAD data to improve the speed, quality, and reach of your digital product promotions and customer engagement activities across all brand and product touch points.